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Playing Time

Tournament is played 2 x 20 minutes stop time.  3 minute warm up before each game and 2 minute time between the 1st and 2nd half.


Each team will play five games in the tournament – system Round Robin.  The Challenge winner shall be declared based on total points from all games played.

Game Start Times

Except for the first game of the day, teams must be ready to start their game a maximum of 10 minutes early if the ice is available.

Ice Cleaning

Ice cleaning will be done after each game.


A) A team’s placement in the tournament is determined by the points achieved during their games.

B) Points shall be awarded as follows:

(a) 2 points for a win

(b) 1 point for a tie

(c) 0 points for a loss

C) Ties will stand during all games.

D) Ties in standings shall be broken as follows:

(a) Winner of head to head games if applicable.

i) If only two teams are tied in points, if one team beat the other in a game they shall be placed higher.

ii) If three or more teams are tied in points then total points between the teams in these games would be the first tiebreaker.  Teams will be placed based on this rule first. Any remaining teams that are still tied will be first broken by the above rules for two teams if it is only two teams left tied. If three or more are still tied then the stats from games between these remaining tied teams will be used to go through rules “b” to “h” to separate the teams.

(b) Most wins.

(c) Highest total of goals for minus goals against.

(d) Highest goals scored.

(e) Team with the least penalty minutes.

(f)  Team with the least major penalties and game misconducts.

(g) First goal scored in a head to head round robin game.

(h) Single coin toss

E) Each team will be allowed one thirty (30) second time out during the game.

Mercy Rule

If at any time during the second half one team is ahead by a difference of seven (7) goals or more, running time will commence and will revert back to stop time when the difference is reduced below seven (7) goals differential.

Game Times

Any time during the second half of any game, if the official timekeeper feels that the game cannot be completed within the designated time, he will let the Director of the Organizing Committee (or representative for the specific arena) know. It is the sole responsibility of the Director of the Organizing Committee whether game continues in running or stop time. That decision depends on process of each particular game being played. The coaches will be advised in advance before any change of timekeeping.