Miro Vojtíšek, the founder of the company, was introduced to ringette in the mid-1990s when he visited Canada. The demanding skating, skilfulness, and rules that force the players to develop their combinational thinking have greatly attracted him to the game. Therefore, Challenger s.r.o. decided to be the very first Czech company to host an international ringette tournament in the capital city of Prague. Over the years, Czech Ringette Challenge cup has become a traditional part of Challenger summer series.

The tournament wouldn't have become a staple in our portfolio without the help of our Canadian partner Azorcan Global and Finnish partner Pelimatkat Travel. In these countries, the sport has already become widespread, so it was no surprise that the very first participants were from Canada and Finland. Gradually, the number of participating countries expanded to include Sweden, France, Czech Republic and Slovakia as well. The tournament has been held in Prague since 2002 and Challenger is happy to continue to in the tradition and very proud to support the growth of this great sport in Europe.

Each year, the tournament is accompanied by a social evening, which is an integral part of building new relationships in a relaxed atmosphere outside the ice rink. In 2019, the 16th annual Czech Ringette Challenge Cup will be held in Prague's Letňany Ice Arena between July 19th and July 21st, so make sure to save those dates in your calendar!